Woking v West Bromwich Albion

Friday, 16 July 2021 19:45

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West Bromwich Albion fans have been allocated The Chris Lane Terrace for this match. A section of seats will be available to those who purchase tickets for this terrace who are unable to stand for the duration of the match.

For wheelchair users and those requiring a ticket for a carer please contact [email protected]

Ticket prices: £12 for Adults, £6 for 16-year-olds and under.

When assigning details for each ticket the account number can be left blank.

If purchasing tickets for the Seymours Community LGS, please use the seat map to choose you seats rather than entering the quantity of tickets you require on the menu.

Spectators Code of Conduct

In order to assist our staff and staff and stewards, and help to protect you and your fellow spectators, you are kindly requested to follow this guidance to ensure everyone is as safe as we can possible be.


  • Matches will be All Ticket. There will be NO cash admission on the day.
  • All tickets are to be registered under the users name and personally identified. One person – one ticket. Not a group or group leaders name.
  • Once purchased, tickets are non-transferrable.

General Information

  • Do not travel if you are suffering from COVID-19 symptoms, are feeling unwell, or if you’ve been in close contact recently with anyone experiencing symptoms or who has tested positive.
  • In the event you develop COVID-19 symptoms whilst at the Stadium, please notify the nearest member of Club staff or steward immediately.
  • Before you travel, check what amenities are available in the zone you are in, that you can access what you require and which gate you MUST enter.

Arrival and Entry into the ground

  • Arrive in good time to go through all the necessary procedures at the correct entry point.
  • Upon arrival at the Laithwaite Stadium, look for the socially distanced painted feet on the ground and keep to the spacing when going through the entry points into the ground.
  • Be aware your temperature will be taken as a condition of entry. If it is too high (37.6c) you will be denied entry on the grounds of public safety.
  • Everyone entering the Laithwaite Stadium is required to provide their details for Track and Trace purposes. You may be asked to scan the NHS QR code upon entry or provide your pre written details in the ‘drop box’ at the entrance.

Whilst inside the ground

  • Our capacity is based on the 1m+ guidance so you are requested to wear a face covering while around the stadium. *
  • At all times and in all parts of the ground, please observe social distancing and avoid close contact with others NOT in your social bubble.
  • Make sure in advance you know where your entry point is and how to navigate around the facilities in your area. Each area will be restricted as to where you can go.
  • Follow the painted arrows or signs to get to your designated viewing space.
  • Stewards are there to assist you so listen to and follow their instructions.
  • Familiarise yourself with any one-way systems or routes around the ground. The route you have always used may no longer be viable.
  • Remain in your seat or terrace section at all times where possible. Less movement is less chance of a transmission.
  • If you do need to leave your viewing position, wait for a time when the gang ways are clear and follow the signs or guidance from the stewards.
  • If you are seated, avoid passing face to face of other spectators and turn your head or body as they pass by.
  • If you are standing, please stay within your social bubble and give each other respectful room when passing by. Be aware of others around you.
  • Maintain good hygiene and regularly wash your hands and use the hand sanitisers that are positioned around the ground and at high touch point areas.
  • Please avoid touch surfaces such as railings and gates as well as avoid touching your face and eyes.
  • Please be respectful of others and cover your nose and mouth when you cough, yawn or sneeze.
  • Avoid hugs, hi-fives and any contact with those outside your social bubble.
  • Take care when shouting, cheering or celebrating. Remember to keep at least 1 metre away from others and always wear your face covering.*
  • If you are attending with other members of your social bubble, please make sure that they have read and understand these guidelines too.
  • Please note that inside the Laithwaite Stadium, contactless payment will be the primary choice of payment.
  • There is no smoking or vaping anywhere within the footprint. There will be no re- admission in to the grounds if anyone leaves for this purpose.
  • There will be no food outlets open inside the ground.
  • You can bring your own food or drink into the ground, please prepare it as much as you can at home and do not bring in cutlery or picnic hampers. PLEASE dispose of YOUR rubbish yourself and take it home.
  • Do not bring alcohol into the ground and do not bring in drinks that are in cans or glass bottles.

Exiting the Laithwaite

  • Please be patient when leaving the stadium and listen to the advice from the public address announcements and stewards.
  • Exit from the stadium will be staggered to avoid crushing and mitigate any risk. It will take longer than normal to leave due to these procedures.
  • Follow the directional arrows and leave from the gate you to told to do so.
  • Once outside the stadium please leave the area as quickly as possible.

*We are aware some people have exemptions to wearing masks and face coverings. Please do not be offended if we ask for clarification if it’s not obvious.

This code of conduct is there to protect all our fans while still complying with Government advices. Please be respectful to each other otherwise failure to comply may see you removed from the stadium, your membership cancelled and ability to attend Woking FC games removed immediately. Looking after everyone together.

Please select the area you would like to purchase from the stadium plan below.

If you would like to purchase seats, please select the seats from the plan in the Seymours Community LGS.




Moaners' Corner - PLEASE ENTER THROUGH ++GATE 4 FROM 6.45pm++

Seymours Community LGS - PLEASE ENTER THROUGH ++GATE 4 FROM 6.15pm++


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